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binance cryptocurrency exchange Futures Trading Tutorial For Beginners… Full Tutorial On How To Trade On Binance Futures.
This is a Binance futures trading tutorial for beginners, and it’s a full tutorial on how to trade on Binance. Every detail is explained in this Binance tutorial video, and it’s a complete guide to Binance trading for beginners. The two contracts in Binance futures, which are Binance perpetual futures and Binance coin futures are completely explained in this tutorial, and it’s shown how to correctly choose these futures contracts for trading. Binance margin trading and binance cryptocurrency exchange leverage trading are explained in details with examples in this tutorial to illustrate their importance and how they must be used in Binance futures trading, and binânsje yn besjen it’s also explained how to place different orders, and melyik binance alkalmazást használja how on Binance, stop loss and take profit orders are set. This Binance futures trading tutorial in 2021 covers the latest options and new functionalities added to Binance futures trading platform. This is is a must-watch Binance tutorial for beginners and anyone who is interested to learn binance cryptocurrency exchange futures trading.
TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 – Intro 00:29 – What Is Derivative? 00:58 – What Is Future Market? 01:58 – Spot Market vs. Future Market 02:57 – Future Contracts On Binance 04:03 – Environment Of The Futures Trading Platform 08:21 – What Is USD-M Futures? 10:32 – What Is COIN-M Futures? 12:18 – Trading Volume Of Contracts On binance čas na výběr 13:48 – Checking Information Of Future Contracts 17:23 – What Is Margin And Margin Trading? 17:45 – Adjusting Leverage 19:41 – What Is Liquidation? 21:05 – What Are Margin Balance And Maintenance Margin? 22:17 – Cross Margin vs. Isolated Margin 23:03 – What Is Margin Ratio? 23:59 – How To Transfer Funds To Futures Wallet 26:26 – Trading Rules On Binance 27:04 – One-way Mode vs. Hedging Mode 28:23 – Going Long vs. Going Short 29:52 – Market Order (How To Open And Cloe Positions) 32:27 – Checking Information For An Open Order 39:37 – When To Use Market Order 40:28 – Limit Order (How To Open And Close A Position) 44:50 – Limit Order For Setting “Take Profit” 48:38 – What Is Reduce-Only? 50:49 – Stop-Limit Order (How To Open And Close Positions) 52:37 – Stop-Limit Order For Setting “Stop Loss” 57:03 – Stop Market Order, Setting “Stop Loss” & “Take Profit” 58:40 – Easier Way Of Setting “Stop Loss” & “Take Profit” For An Open Position 59:14 – Setting “Stop Loss” & “Take Profit” Before Opening A Position 1:01:00 – TIF Explained (GTC, IOC, FOK) 1:02:16 – Post Only Order 1:02:49 – Trailing Stop Loss 1:04:08 – Outro.
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