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Bern, Switzerland, 03/02/2022 / SubmitMyPR /
Gym Network today announced that it will soon launch a unique metaverse where users can play games and earn money while claiming exclusive rewards. DeFi investors can benefit from GYMNET Vault. The investment system operates on the binance cryptocurrency exchange Smart Chain, supporting WBNB. Thus, to experience the vault, investors need to have WBNB, with BNB tokens wrapped to become BEP20 tokens. The system offers return rates in GYMNET and WBNB every week. GYMNET returns vary depending on how much money is available in the vault.
Investors will also take joy in NFT offerings. Excitingly, creators will also love NFT opportunities in the metaverse. Collecting and trading NFTs is simple like nowhere else in the Gym Network NFT Marketplace.
Yield farming is another opportunity in the Gym's metaverse. At its core, yield farming concerns lending or staking cryptocurrency coins for rewards such as transaction fees and interest. When it comes to recreation, binance cryptocurrency exchange glassdoor Gym Network has come up with an exclusive play & earn solution, بينانس مقابل التشفير available only in the Gym platform.
Gym's metaverse is the ultimate platform for accessing a variety of gaming and викторина ҷавоб медиҳад social interaction solutions. The first step to experiencing this innovative digital environment is buying land in the Gym metaverse. Once one becomes a landowner, he can unleash all the products. Gym's goal is to make metaverse a simple yet highly satisfying experience. That's why Gym makes all of its products available from a single entry point.
Gym Network embraces innovation.
"GYM Network is not about reinventing the wheel but creating something new and innovative based on existing, proven systems," says Alberto Mera, the system designer of GYM Network. "The biggest innovation comes from adding rewards to the user for participating in the protocol.
Investing in metaverse appeals even to tech giants such as Facebook. Zuckerberg views the metaverse as the successor to the mobile internet. Through the technology, Zuckerberg and Facebook hope to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world. A revolution of the internet is on the horizon, which will have massive effects on society as a whole. The new era of the metaverse will bring creativity and open up new opportunities for companies. Needless to say, metaverse creators such as Gym Network will come up with a persistent virtual world. In this process, "Augmented Reality" (AR) will play a key role as users will create and trade goods in a digital environment.
$10,000 Prize Giveaway Whitelist Competition Started.
Join the Whitelist Competition with $10,000 prize giveaways and secure yourself 1 out of 2000 spots for the pre-sale. To learn more about the competition and get all the details, simply follow the official Telegram channel:
About Gym Network.
Gym Network is a fully decentralized network operating on the Binance Smart Chain. The network searches across the DeFi world to identify the best investments and offers them to users for easy engagement and exit while providing various rewards. Gym takes pride in its partnership with Alpaca Finance, a leading smart trading platform. The company is audited by Certik, a top contract auditing provider, which has audited leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as binance cryptocurrency exchange and OKEx.
Contact Details.
Contact Person = David Bras Email - [email protected] Company - GYM Network Location - Bern, Switzerland.
Disclaimer : There is no offer to sell, no solicitation of an offer to buy, and no recommendation of any security or any other product or service in this article. Moreover, nothing contained in this PR should be construed as any recommendation. Readers are encouraged to do their own research.
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